Chef Apparel in the Hartford, CT

For the person looking for a chef clothes in Hartford, CT, there is not much shops nearby.An all black and white checkered pants worn by many chefs and cooks are actually called “houndstooth” pants. No longer is the houndstooth or black pants, the only design of chef pants available. In recent years, several chef’s clothing company produces loud, colorful and outrageous designs of chef pants. Some of these designs include swimming, fishing, fruit and vegetables and other foods, set against a black background. Although this type of chef apparel can be ordered in Hartford, CT area stores listed here, just the usual black and white checkered pants normally in stock. Both elastic waistband / drawstring style and belt-loop type style chef pants are available at most retailers listed here.With their oversized nature and enhanced formality, chef coats are an important part of maintaining a professional appearance. Hartford, CT chef apparel stores listed here carries all the usual white coats chef in many sizes. In addition to the button style chef coats worn in several years, a new style, which uses the knots of the fabric, instead of buttons, are publicly available on the specified retailers.The old-fashioned short-sleeved white shirts kitchen, another popular item in the world of chef clothing, are also available at all locations to buy chef clothes in Hartford, CT, listed here.A) Catherine’s Professional Uniforms .. Bristol Shopping Plaza, 683 Farmington Ave (Rt.6), Bristol, Ct .. (860) 582-1072 The staff at Catherine is very friendly and helpful. They carry a full line of quality chef clothing, at very reasonable prices. Chef pants come in different sizes and styles. Chef coats and shirts kitchens are always in stock. Free changes are on items purchased there. An excellent Hartford, CT area chef clothes store.B) Copley’s, the uniforms .. 65 B St. Louis, Newington, CT .. (860) 666-4484 Chefs and cooks have purchased chef clothing from Copley’s for many years. At Copley’s, professional service and highest quality products is the company standard. All types of chef pants in stock, including an elastic waistband styles. Crisp, white to chef coats and shirts kitchen outfit the entire staff is at Copley’s, for very competitive prices.C) Glazier’s Corset and Uniform Shop .. 631 Main St., Manchester, CT .. (860) 643-6346 Only the very best quality chef clothing is in stock at Glazier’s. The extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff will assist customers in any way needed. A full line of chef apparel, including various forms of chef pants, including the “baggy” style regularly appears on the putty. All sizes and styles of chef coats and shirts kitchen is usually in stock. Moderately priced.D) Image Uniform and Specialty Wear .. 1990 Enfield St., Suite 206, Enfield, CT .. 100-800291 - 7288At Image Uniform, all of the standard items, chef clothes are generally in stock. If they do not have the goods on hand, they will gladly order it. Prices of Image Uniforms is by far the most affordable on any of the retailers listed here. Very helpful staff will try to meet all customer needs. A highly recommended place to buy chef clothes in Hartford, CT area.